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Phoenix Rental Property: Finding the Perfect Home

Phoenix rental property

Phoenix rental property is the most affordable, best in quality, gives a positive cash flow and the prices here are below market value. You will find plenty of rental housing types to choose from: condominiums and apartments to single-family and multifamily units at affordable prices.

Housing options makes Arizona even more suitable as the houses are designed specifically for students who form the highest population in the area and for the seniors. You could choose to own property within the city of Phoenix or to the small mountain communities of Flagstaff and Yuma.

All About Phoenix

It will also interest you to know that, the state’s personal income tax structure is one of the lowest in the nation ranging between 3.3-5%. The city is the fifth largest in the United States with a population of approximately 1.3 million. The high population means a high demand for the rentals by the tenants. As such, the utility cost will always be catered for since your houses will be occupied for the most part of any year.

Finding a Rental

Advertising cost is also cut as rentals here are found on Craigslist. The environment is the most conducive and well organized, other than maintaining a casual personality, the residents are friendly and the most welcoming, so this is definitely the place you would love to spend your time.

Things to Do

When you think about Arizona, you are thinking about the most desirable and unique place to live and work in. The place is internationally renowned for its stunning natural beauty. It has a year-round sunshine and heat encouraging a wide-variety of recreational activities such as rafting, horseback riding, boating, rock climbing, camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, snow skiing and mountain biking.  Here is a video of some of the must see attractions in Phoenix.

Its also a home for sports which means that residents here enjoy a high quality of life which is healthy and full of fun. This place has a lot more to offer new residents and investors: it is endowed with a great variety of apartment rentals, employment opportunities, cultural diversity, and abundance educational opportunities.

Its beautiful scenery, fresh air and good weather conditions makes Phoenix most attractive to tourists and Arizonians looking for the best place to call a home. The security issue is well addressed: the city has a variety of security guard companies that you would want to choose from for your security services. With the positive cash flow and the fantastic financial benefits in the state, rental properties are also an awesome investment you do not want to miss out on.

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Apartment vs House Rental in Phoenix

Apartment vs House Rental in Phoenix

If you are moving to Phoenix and are wondering which one to rent between an apartment and a house, you should definitely go for the former. Renting an apartment in Phoenix has a number of advantages over renting a house in the same city.

The Cost

An apartment is first of all cheaper in comparison to a house. The amount of rent paid for a house is usually higher because of costs of extra rooms and a number of private utilities. To find a decent house in Phoenix, you will have to part with around $1300 per month. You can however find a suitable apartment at just $950 per month. This means that you can save close to $300 a month when you opt for an apartment over a house.

Apartment vs House Rental in Phoenix

Secondly, living in an apartment will give you more assurance as a tenant compared to living in a rented house. In the case of apartments, you have the management department to report complaints to whereas in the house situation you have only the landlord to deal with. A management department is likely to give you better hearing than a landlord. A landlord may decline to address some of your issues since he or she has exclusive rights over their property.

The other reason why you should rent an apartment and not a house is because an apartment offers you a chance to interact with neighbors and build a social life. Like any human being, you probably would wish to at least socialize with others on a day to day basis. It doesn’t have to be deep friendships or bonds, it can be something as small as saying hello or talking about the weather or last night’s football scores. You can get to interact with neighbors easily when you live in an apartment because people live close to each other. Houses on the other hand are isolated.

In addition to everything, living in an apartment will enable you enjoy the power of numbers. As an apartment resident, you can join forces with the other residents and make a complaint or protest any undesirable issue. Some of the issues you can protest include asbestos presence, water scarcity, chipped paints, and poor waste management among others. You are likely to succeed in getting these issues addressed as a group since there is power in a multitude. Living in a house on the other side will not let you enjoy such powers.

Safety and comfort

One of the things you are likely to hear about rental apartments in Phoenix is that they’re are characterized by insecurity, loud neighbors, and pest infestation. This is largely not true. Most apartments are safe and clean. Issues of safety, comfort, and hygiene largely depend on the location of the apartment. You can find suitable apartments in areas like ASU and Downtown Scottsdale.

When to rent a house

Even though it is advisable to rent an apartment rather than an apartment in Phoenix, there are certain situations where a house is more preferable. A house is better if you have a family or if you wish for privacy and a more calm environment.

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